Joint Technical Secretariat and Branch Office

Joint Technical Secretariat:

The Joint Technical Secretariat is established in the programme to assist the Managing Authority, the Joint Monitoring Committee and the Audit Authority in the fulfilment of their functions.

The Joint Technical Secretariat operates in the Regional Office for Crossborder Cooperation from Iași. The organization fulfilled a similar function in the programming period 2007-2013 for the Romania-Ukraine -Republic of Moldova Programme, having hired staff from both countries, with experience in project management.

The Joint Technical Secretariat performs activities of information and advertising regarding the programme, performs the pre-contracting visits for selected applicants and supports the beneficiaries during the project implementation period.

Contact the Joint Tehnical Secretariat

Branch Offices:

To assure a better communication with the interested Parties (e.g. potential beneficiaries, beneficiaries or other structures) from Republic of Moldova and to facilitate their access to the programme information one branch office of the Joint Technical Secretariat operate in Republic of Moldova.

The Branch Office will operate in the State Chancery of Republic of Moldova.

The activity of Offices of Joint Technical Secretariat is focused on communication actions and support for beneficiaries.

The branch offices of the Joint Technical Secretariat offer support to Managing Authority/ Joint Technical Secretariat during the contracting process by provision of information about the national legislation of Republic of Moldova, regarding specific issues, support the Joint Technical Secretariat in the project monitoring process, by organization of visits at project partners from Republic of Moldova and perform ex-post visits in projects located in Republic of Moldova for the purpose of checking the sustainability of projects.

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